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Loving Stan

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Book: Loving Stan


All things must change.

In book 26 of the Action! Series, an infatuation grows to deep love.

As Mark and Stan fly to New York City for a Dangereux Cologne promotional tour, their affection blossoms to an inseparable bond. As rumors fly and their attachment becomes public, family and friends react to the news.
Mark’s husband, Steve Miller, is left with the fallout, on his own while Mark spends time with a man twenty years his junior.
But, Steve refuses to crumble in the face of the catastrophe. Instead, he goes on a sexual tear, which distracts him from reality.

With love being tested and life moving forward, both Mark and Steve face a decision that rocks the men of the Action! Series.

Loving Stan.
Mark can’t help himself. While the two men share secrets and their bodies with each other, Mark and Stan brave the coming upheaval.

Love. The heart simply goes where it desires. Loving Stan, part of a trilogy inside a series.
Obsession, California Dreaming, & Loving Stan’ three books which complete a story on their own.