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The Action! Series Box Set Book 6-10

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Book: The Action! Series Box Set Book 6-10


Packing Heat; Book 6


Mark Antonious Richfield has become a name synonymous with both beauty and chaos. Though Mark has accomplished much in his life, despite a rocky start from an abusive childhood and living in denial about his sexuality, he has come only so far. Mark is forever conflicted with his advancing years stealing his beauty away.

Though he perceives himself as shallow and useless, Mark’s circle of lovers know otherwise. Steve Miller, the ex-LAPD cop, and forever guardian angel to Mark, Jack Larsen, Mark’s long-time and closest friend, and Adam Lewis, Jack’s husband, all stand firm to protect Mark from his own demons.

And though Mark’s son Alexander is not a bad boy, he’s a very naughty boy. Mark thought his problems with Alexander were finished when Alex met Angel Loveday’s son, Oliver. But perhaps Mark wishing his nineteen year old son was in a relationship that would last a lifetime was a bit premature.

As Mark’s internal war rages on, he once again learns that age does indeed come before beauty, and his friends are the best weapon he has against his own wounded self-esteem.


Being Screwed; Book 7


In Book 7 of the Action! Series the tale comes full circle, back to the first novel, Acting Naughty and the dilemma of the lead characters Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson on whether it is prudent for an up and coming actor to expose their sexuality to the public.

Mark Antonious Richfield is turning the dreaded 4-0 and is going out of his mind, as usual, with hitting a milestone he assumed he’d never admit to hitting.

Steven Jay Miller, the ex-LAPD cop, is doing all he can to get Mark and Alex through their personal crisis, but other than being supportive, Steve can’t do a thing to prevent the life changing decisions both Mark and Alex are destined to make.

Having to prove he is still young and vital, Mark reunites with the mega-stars of Forever Young, Keith and Carl, in a television episode that becomes unforgettable as Mark and the two celebrities get naughty again, much to the producers’ and director’s delight.

Alexander Mark Lehman-Richfield is twenty-one, in college and still seeing Oliver Loveday loyally. To everyone’s astonishment (and fear), Alex gets his big break in Hollywood as the number one star of his own racy cable TV drama, Being Screwed. And though Adam Lewis, Alex’s agent and close friend begs Alex to deny his sexual preference in public, like he had done with Keith and Carl, Alexander is too outspoken to even consider hiding in the closet. But is the world ready? Or is being an ‘out’ gay actor in Hollywood still a deterrent for men to get leading roles in blockbuster movies?

Revisit with all your favorite men, Jack Larson, Adam Lewis, the cops from Top Men, Mickey and Jeff, as well as many others you have grown to know and love from Hauser’s Erotic Universe.

And learn how Being Screwed, is not necessarily a bad thing…


Something Sexy; Book 8


Having hit the milestone of 40 years old, Mark Antonious Richfield seems to have survived. But on a trip to London to join his mother, Leslie and step-father Harry for the wedding of Harry’s son, Luke, Mark decides perhaps this is a good time to ‘reinvent’ himself.

Ex- LAPD cop, Steve Miller, Mark’s husband, and truest love, embark on a journey to London to let down their hair and go wild. Or at least that’s Mark’s idea of a good time.

During a session at a fetish club one evening, Mark’s beauty captivates the editor of an erotic gay men’s magazine. Adrian McKenzie asks Mark to do a centerfold for his latest edition.

Assuming this will be anonymous and thrilling, Mark agrees to his own peril.

Meanwhile, Alexander, Mark’s incorrigible son, makes his own bad decisions while trying to cope with school and a new career. Though Alex is continuing his acting role in Being Screwed, the racy nighttime cable drama, his behavior is increasingly unstable during the time his father is away.

Both father and son, though they try their best to do what’s right, end up complicating their lives eternally.

But one thing is never in doubt. When it comes to Mark Antonious Richfield, his Action! will be Something Sexy. Very sexy indeed!


Going Wild; Book 9



After their forbidden affair, twenty-two year old Alexander Richfield and the forty-two year old LAPD SWAT lieutenant, Billy Sharpe, can’t seem to keep away from each other. Billy’s love and attention towards the rising Hollywood star give Alexander just what he craves.

Attorney extraordinaire Jack Larsen introduces his husbands, Adam Lewis, Mark Richfield and Steve Miller to his new law associate, the professional Dom Colt St. John. Mark’s new found love of all things leather and latex brings the men to Colt’s penthouse loft for a BDSM session they will never forget.

Meanwhile Adam Lewis struggles to find work for award winning actors Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson on the heels of the news that their top-rated cable drama Forever Young has been canceled; a victim of the rising intolerance in society for gay men. In the beginning of Keith and Carl’s stint of the racy drama, Adam begged them to deny they were a gay couple and keep their sexuality a secret. With the pressure from the tabloids and their producers to come out, Keith and Carl succumbed to the exposure and admitted publicly they were gay. Now the test will come if their decision costs them their careers.

Will the affair between Billy Sharpe and Alex Richfield be nothing more than a sexual fling? And will Adam be able to battle against the growing tide of homophobia in the media?

In Book 9 of the best selling Action! Series, we see each of your favorite men Going Wild in their search to achieve happiness and true love.


Having it All!; Book 10


In a town where having it all is what everyone strives for, Mark Richfield and his son Alex, already seem to be living the highlife in LA. But are they?

Jack Larsen, Mark’s closest friend begins to fantasize having Mark play Dom instead of his absolute submissive behavior. This dream becomes an obsession for Jack as he tries to lure Mark into a one on one evening.

SWAT Lt. Billy Sharpe is adjusting to life as Alex-The-Superstar’s sugar daddy and bodyguard, dealing with constant tabloid gossip, paparazzi and life post-Angel Loveday, his partner, who has since moved onto another relationship.

In the bizarre crossroads where the Hollywood elite intersects Gay men, life is never easy, nor simple.

Come join Mark and all your Action! Series favorites as they learn Having it All is really about finding trust, hope, and true love.