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Lights, Camera, Action (5 Book Set)

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Book: Lights, Camera, Action (5 Book Set)


Enjoy this box set of Book 1-5 of the Action! Series with all the men you’ve grown to adore.

Acting Naughty; Book 1

Keith O’Leary has been trying to break into acting for ages.  When a part in the newest cable television drama, Forever Young, is offered, Keith struggles with the idea of playing a gay man. Adam Lewis, his agent, persuades Keith to accept the role, knowing it’s a chance to star in the biggest new hit on TV. Keith reluctantly agrees, dreading working in a diner like his roommate/girlfriend, Patty, to make the rent money. When Keith meets his fabulous co-star, Carl Bronson, his anxiety is piqued. He has to kiss this man on camera, and much more.
Luckily for Keith, Carl is warm, understanding and willing to coach Keith during some nerve-wracking scenes. Soon the episodes sizzle with their erotic contact and declarations of love.
For Keith those words are beginning to feel like the truth as he grows to love the man he is kissing and touching in very passionate ways. And going through the same exact experience, Carl feels the same way.
As their romance blossoms on and off camera, someone threatens to expose them as real lovers, putting a shadow of doubt on their future in the business. Will they follow the advice of Adam Lewis, and deny, deny, deny, their true feelings to the tabloids? Or take the chance and expose themselves and their love and possibly risk their careers? In part one of two, Carl and Keith learn there’s more to a relationship, than acting.

Playing Dirty; Book 2

 Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson thought they had it made. Having landed roles in a top racy television cable drama, Forever Young, both handsome aspiring actors began to believe their dreams of becoming celebrities had come true. While playing a gay couple in the show, Keith and Carl form a genuine attraction to each other, which grows into a loving, trusting relationship. The only problem is, Adam Lewis, Keith’s gay agent, warns them about being seen as a couple in public, and the repercussions down the line after their top rated show, Forever Young ends. Both men struggle to keep their private lives discreet, while someone on the inside is trying desperately to out them to boost the show’s ratings.
 Agonizing over having to pretend they are straight for any possibility of a leading man part in a motion picture, both men have to come to a decision as to what they value most. Their love or their careers. This sequel to Actors shows just how bad the Hollywood hypocrisy could be when it comes to gay men coming out of the closet. It appears that playing dirty, is the only choice they have.

Getting it in the End: Book 3

You know him. You’ve seen him attempt to marry Sharon Tice in Mark and Sharon, be swept off his feet by the ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller in Capital Games,  begging forgiveness from his best friend Jack Larsen in When Adam Met Jack, seduced by two young handsome television stars in Playing Dirty, but who is Mark Antonious Richfield? In Los Angeles, California where everyone is a ten, Mark is an eleven. Too gorgeous for everyone’s good, Mark is terribly flawed, and knows it. Beating himself up constantly for making bad decisions, Mark tries to please everyone to their peril.
But what on earth is going on with Mark now? Still working at Parsons and Company with his loyal lover, Steve, Mark begins modeling on the side. At one of his sessions he meets an old friend who stirs up some forbidden passion. And as usual, Mark Richfield is in the middle of a quagmire without the social skills to make a good decision. Other than his fantastic sex appeal, Mark has one other problem. He loves too much, has too much heart, and craves to be loved in return like he breathes air. Desperately.
Find out Mark’s side of the story, and fly with him as he falters through his life, trying, pleading, and usually not succeeding. Mark Richfield. Love him or hate him, he is a fascinating study in human nature.

 Behaving Badly; Book 4
For once, Mark Antonious Richfield thought everything was going well in his life. His full time job at Parsons and Company was fulfilling and his side career of modeling for a cologne ad was enjoyable. He and the love of his life, ex-LAPD officer, Steve Miller, as well as their best friends Jack Larsen and Adam Lewis, seemed to be getting along perfectly. What could possibly go wrong?

When a young eighteen year old man appears at their door, their whole world turns on its head. Though Mark at first couldn’t see anything unusual about the teenager, the minute Steve set eyes on Alexander Lehman, he knew he was a Richfield clone. Mark had an illegitimate son, one as sensual, gorgeous, and mischievous as himself.

 As Steve and Jack struggle to come to terms with the younger version of the hot model they fell madly in love with, Alexander becomes infatuated with the handsome cop, making life unbearably complicated and miserable for Mark.
With the new addition to their household, Mark and Steve take a crash course in the lessons of fatherhood, all of them learning right from wrong the hard way.

Can the young sexy ‘Mark junior’ manage to control his voracious appetite for older men? Or will Mark and Steve’s relationship collapse with the struggle for power between sons and lovers? Follow the tale of Generation seX as the youth begin to take over for their fathers.

Dripping Hot; Book 5

With the Christmas party approaching, Mark Richfield is trying to cope with the pressure of the holidays, his out of control son, Alex, and too many men involved in his life to keep his sanity intact. It seems the popular idea at Parsons and Company is to have Mark play Santa Claus at the office gala. His latest ad for cologne has all of LA buzzing as his image hit all the billboards on Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip; a half naked sexpot, Mark Antonious is exposed to entice the masses, not to mention the gay men in his office.
Trying to come to terms with Alexander becoming independent and keeping the attraction between Steve and Alex under careful scrutiny, Mark, as usual, comes apart at the seams.
When Alex goes missing during an event of the battle of the bands where Alex’s lover, Oliver Loveday, and his musical group are playing near the Rose Bowl stadium, Mark nearly has a nervous breakdown until a group of heroes comes to his aid.
The lifeguards from Man to Man, the firemen from Two in Two out, LAPD’s finest officers from Top Men and Sergeant Billy Sharpe, and his partner Angel Loveday, and even the stars of Forever Young, Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson, are on the scene to find the missing teenager.
Meanwhile Steve is fighting his own internal battles as his father and mother become aware that he has married a man and has a son. The fact that they know about Mark and Alex terrifies Steve as he hopes his homophobic father will not harm the ones he loves.
It all occurs during the week prior to Christmas when one’s faith and hope are tested, only to be redeemed by the greatest gift; the loyal friends you have made.