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Don't Judge Me

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Book: Don't Judge Me


Married, forty-five year old Judge Lawrence Powers enjoyed a reputation as a fair, but tough, man. He often suspended sentences for first offenders and allowed them to work community service.
When a twenty-two year old defendant stood before him, Judge Powers once again, ruled in favor of allowing this man to work off his sentence by paying him to do his yard-work.

When Charlie McMullen was caught holding one of his brother friend’s bags of weed, Charlie figured he was done for. But, lucky him, he was brought before a former marine, and a man who looked scary, but maybe wasn’t.

As the judge and Charlie’s lives become intertwined, chaos follows.
With fall and Halloween approaching, Lawrence wondered if this year he was going to be given a treat, instead of tricked.

The judge. Held to a higher standard? Or…just another bad boy in a robe?