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Book: Obsession


A week in the life of the Action! men is always entertaining. While Mark Antonious Richfield is about to be paired up with a masculine hunk for his cologne modeling shoot, Mark is enjoying his new found friend. With the sexual tension at its usual high, Chief of Police Billy Sharpe and Mark’s husband, the former cop, Steve Miller, grow closer, sharing common ground.
Battling for sanity and a good night’s rest, Mark discovers something that may ease his insomnia, as well as give him a hearty appetite. But his decision is weighed heavily by the police officers in his life.

With pressure from all sides, as well as bad news hitting their extended family of lovers and friends, Mark and the gang are busy with the thing we call…life.

Share the trials and tribulations of the men you have grown to know and love…
The Action! Series…where love conquers all.

All of the Action! Series books can be read as ‘stand-alone’ novels.