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Between A Rock & a Hard Place

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Book: Between A Rock & a Hard Place


In an apocalyptic future with dismal landscapes and constant war, two resistance fighters meet and join forces; one a mercenary the other an allied warrior. Together they go on secret military missions using the latest in cyber-technology and warfare. And in a world gone mad, devoid of peace and conventional family ties, they form a bond, unlike any other.
Until a cyber-hacker overrides their mission and they discover a reality that is not virtual. It’s at that moment they question everything they’re fighting for.
…and even more troubling, is if they’re on the right side of the battle.

Sworn male lovers fighting for what they believe in echoing past civilizations of the men who fought before them, centuries ago. These hybrids are created for battle; ruthless fighters that demand sex, food, and killing to be content.

This book contains homosexual content meant for mature audiences.