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Live, Love...Last

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Book: Live, Love...Last


Casey Boyd had the same routine daily, he rode the mass transit into the Castro District of San Francisco every day. Since last January Casey noticed a young man of color, similar to himself, with the same dark eyeglass rims and taste in clothing and electronic gadgets. What he didn’t know that the man he was secretly fantasizing over was thinking similar thoughts about him.
Could two geeks, shy to everyone’s gaze, finally meet and give love a try?

Deshawn Jackson had seen the blue-eyed blond every day on his train ride into the city. He did everything he could to find out if he was gay and struggled to gain the courage he needed to approach the handsome young man.
When the two finally make that leap and speak, they find they have opened the door to a world of similarities, and in the end, they had known each other all along.