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When Adam Met Jack

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Book: When Adam Met Jack

Whatever happened to Adam Lewis, the sexy agent who represented the rising star Ewan Gallagher? Somehow the sleek Hollywood hotshot found himself in hot water when his boss Mr. Turner was finally accused of his nasty ‘couch’ practices to get clients auditions. Seeking help, Adam turns to a law firm for guidance. When he sets his eyes on the big brawny blond, Jack Larsen, Adam falls for him instantly. Unfortunately for Adam, Jack is still pining over losing the man he has always adored, Mark Richfield, to the handsome ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller.

Is it possible that Adam can help Jack move on? Forget the decades he has lusted after the gorgeous Brit? And can Jack Larsen protect Adam from the chaos the violent Mr. Turner has created for them both? The entire episode begins, when Adam Lewis finally meets Jack Larsen face to face.

5 Total Reviews of This Book Adam Lewis and Jack Larsen meet when Adam needs a good lawyer to help him. He finds a lot more than he expects. Not only is Jack a lawyer, he's an unattached stud and body builder. The two both feel the sparks flying…
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Attorney Jack Larsen may not have everything he wants, but between his successful career and best friend Mark Richfield, he's content…
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I have recently become a huge fan of G.A. Hauser. So, when this book came up for review I was ecstatic and snatched it up. I've come to expect certain things from this author; the most important thing I expect is an emotional and touching love story. Let me just say…
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Adam Lewis is a Hollywood agent in trouble. His business partner has finally been called to task for his shady business practices and Adam is trying to protect himself in the ensuing fallout. Seeking a lawyer, Adam meets with the handsome Jack Larsen and from the beginning finds that he feels like he can lay his very life in this strong man's hands…
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When Adam's partner in the entertainment industry is accused of molesting his clients, Adam Hires Jack Larsen an Attorney to represent him and to keep his partner Turner from casting the blame on him. His attraction to Jack is right there in front of him from the beginning.
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