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These Four Walls

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Book: These Four Walls


After having been homeschooled, Jimmie Beck began his freshman year of college. Luckily for Jimmie, his next door neighbor was a teacher; one who Jimmie’s mother had asked to help Jimmie with his math and science.

Rudy Oberon had recently separated from his wife, and despite his misgivings, he had agreed to allow his ex-wife’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Cathleen, visitation. Soon after the split, Rudy struggles to deal with Cathleen, who has spun out of control. Giving up on trying to handle Cathleen, Rudy moves her out of his home.

Within days, Cathleen is missing.

As details unfold about her disappearance, an investigation begins, and secrets must be revealed.

These Four Walls. Living within them, or breaking out of them- sometimes to find love, you must take a chance. And for Jimmie and Rudy, that means revealing a very big secret.