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Mark Antonious Richfield

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Book: Mark Antonious Richfield


Mark Antonious. The anchor, the star, and the center of the Action! Series universe.

What happens when Mark leaves for a Dangereux Cologne company’s convention tour?
As Alexander, Mark’s son, begins a new feature film in Oregon, Billy, Steve, Jack, Adam, and now Tadzio, the newest planet to begin to orbit Mark, are left without father and son.

What occurs next isn’t what you’d expect.
As the men in Mark’s world find out just how life would be in his absence, it becomes clear to all that the Nation’s Top Male Model is the powerhouse everyone clings to, including the former LAPD cop, Steve Miller, and Alexander’s husband, Chief of Police Billy Sharpe.
You don’t know what you have…until you lose it.
With the weight of the world on his shoulders, and regrets looming, Mark’s loyalties are clear.
The last thing you want is Mark as your enemy.

Mark Antonious Richfield; much more than just a pretty face.