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Changing Times

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Book: Changing Times


As we catch up with Mark Antonious Richfield and his friends and lovers, it becomes clear that life has changed for everyone in their close circle. Gone are the illusions of a rosy, bright future, and in its place, conflict hits.
Alexander, Mark’s son, has a reunion with an old frenemy, a fabulous costar who manages to create a huge impact on Mark, Alex’s Chief-of-Police husband, Billy Sharpe, as well as Mark’s husband, former LAPD cop, Steve Miller.
Through the turmoil and frustration of life in the fast-lane, comes love. Love so powerful, it conquers all, or at least if not all, it becomes a support system for a fragile world; A world of mistrust, anguish, and loss.
Get ready for another adventure with the wild men of the Action! Series.

Changing Times…
“You once told me you would never share Alexander.”
“I’m not sharing Alex. They’re sharing me.”

There’s an exception to every rule.