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Something to Believe In

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Book: Something to Believe In


2017: A new world.

No matter what your views are of love and life, things have changed.
In a climate of uncertainty where fear and intimidation became the norm, individuals dealt with their lives in their own way.
Thirty-five year old Liam Sinclair kept to himself, tried to avoid conflict and ridicule, but…wasn’t happy with what felt like an angry country.
Innocent, young, temp, Milo D’Amico couldn’t hide in plain sight. Since the hostilities of current politics had turned against the LGBT community, Milo had been attacked.
It took him time to recover, but he was managing, working for a new job, with a new boss.

In what had become a war between ‘us’ and ‘them’, first impressions were misleading.

Before his attack, Milo had been confident in his future, being out, turning twenty-one and filled with hope…until he came face to face with a closeted older man. The combination of Milo’s potent sexual experience, and Liam’s unexpected inexperience, created wild sparks in the bedroom, and a secret life at work.
Something to believe in…
Sometimes, all you have to have faith in, is love.