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The Prom Date

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Book: The Prom Date


Emit Jacoby, the classic ‘geek’ is out to only one friend at school, and terrified to reveal himself to anyone else. In a desperate attempt to get a prom date, Emit makes a video, hoping to lure a celebrity to come as his date. But, the idea of posting the ‘said video’ would have major fallout. So, he’s terrified to do it.

Macho, gorgeous, athlete, Brodie Johnson, has similar problems, but slightly worse. Since he is one of the ‘popular’ boys, and about to be crowned ‘Prom King’ the pressure to get on with his life, follow his own dreams, not the one his parents expect, begins to have a profound effect on Brodie.

Two young men, the same issues to battle, and one really big day.
The Prom.

As boys become men, and leave the nest, big decisions hit. Both Emit and Brodie battle them, in opposite ways.