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Mark & Billy

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Book: Mark & Billy


For fans of the series-
The undeniable attraction between Chief of Police William P Sharpe, and top model Mark Antonious Richfield is a force more powerful than nature. Mark’s superstar son, Alexander Richfield, a man twenty years younger than his husband, Billy Sharpe, shares his father’s fetish for men in uniform, particularly Police Officers. Mark’s husband, Steve J Miller, a former LAPD cop, and now a co-worker with Mark at an advertising firm, has a lot in common with the new Chief of Police. Both of them police officers, both top dogs, and both, enamored with Mark and Alex.
When father and son begin to imagine what it would be like for the two dominant alpha males in their lives to play, it opens up an opportunity- to explore their options.
Love, strong bonds, and no limits…
This book is for Action! Series fans who have always wanted…but didn’t get- enough of Mark & Billy.

This book contains married men having sexual relations with other married men.