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To Have and To Hostage

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Book: To Have and To Hostage

Two men from opposite sides of the track; Michael Vernon, the rich spoiled brat living off the fat of his father's cash, and Jarrod Hunter, desperate for work, broke, living from hand to mouth. One fateful day the two men literally crash into each other and their lives spiral out of control. One bound and gagged, the other in possession of a handgun, the dangerous mind games become inevitable between them, but in the long run, they can’t hide who they are inside. And as the hours tick by and they share their deepest thoughts, something else begins to take over, something stronger than hatred or jealousy. What seemed at first to be as different as night and day became common ground, and neither could deny the growing attraction. But, will the ingrained mistrust and disdain they have for one another’s worlds be the end for them? Or just the beginning?

4 Total Reviews of This Book I could never have imagined two so very different men getting together, but wow! The pairing of Michael and Jarrod is ironic, cathartic and intense
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Michael is the spoilt son of a very rich family. 25 years old, he has no purpose in life if not be drunk and go out with his friends. Every time his father tries to talk to him and convince him to find a job, Michael only sees the plastic doll stepmother he has and thinks that, if she can spend the day doing nothing, also he can do that. Michael is not a nice person, he is self-centered and vain: he spends most of the time in front of some mirror asking to his image who is the best and the most beautiful and answering himself that he is the one.
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Jarrod Hunter is desperate. He’s been let go from his minimum wage job, has no money for his rent, no phone, no prospects and no will to keep living. He steals a gun and bullets with the idea to commit suicide when he’s almost hit by a car
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To Have and To Hostage by G.A. Hauser is a homoerotic contemporary romance. Michael Vernon has everything a young man could want; money, status, and all the time in the world to do as he pleases. But for some strange reason he isn't happy. His friends maybe as wild as he is, but they have something he doesn’t have, the responsibility that goes along with earning a living.
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