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I Don't Know Why

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Book: I Don't Know Why


Brett Hamilton had his dream job. He was an art gallery assistant as well as helping host a life-drawing class once a week. When the gallery owner finally lands a popular New York artist, Brett is asked by the man to pose for a painting. The catch? It’s a portrait, but not of Brett’s handsome face.
Colton Hayward had no idea why finding a boyfriend in Los Angeles is so difficult. He’d done everything he could, dated too many men, and still found himself alone for the coming holidays. Bored and frustrated, Colton decides to shake it up and change his pattern; which had been- sleeping with men he’d just met.
As Colton and Brett’s worlds collide, Colton struggles to communicate his fears to an enamored Brett.
Little by little, Brett and Colton unravel their past and how it impacts their potential for a future relationship.
Neither man knows why their dating history holds such an important role in their intimate connections, but for two lonely men, it just may be a painting that holds the key to finding true love.