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GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters

Orion in the Sky<br />GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters

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Book: Orion in the Sky
GA Hauser writing as Amanda Winters


While on vacation in Gran Canaria, lying on the beach under the stars, thirty-year-old elementary school teacher, Bobby Kingston, meets handsome Damion Lawless. After sharing their admiration for The Great Hunter, Orion, Bobby’s interest in Damion is piqued.
Damion feels trapped in a horrible relationship. One he is struggling to be free of. When he connects with Bobby and they enjoy a moment of peace together, Damion’s desire to free himself from the stranglehold of a domineering-abusive partner intensifies.
Damion sees his opportunity to escape, and Bobby is happy to help.
But- there are consequences.
Once the two men return to the States, they begin to suffer strange symptoms.

It’s then that Damion reveals his ex may have been involved in dark arts. As they join forces to battle a demon, the men call on an ally. Orion the Hunter.

And the worst part about seeking help from a deity is not knowing how powerful the spirit you have invoked really is.

Orion in the Sky- myth or guardian? Bobby and Damion are about to find that out.

-This is a work of fantasy/sci-fi/horror with dream and sequences designed to disorientate the reader-