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Ghost Hunter

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Book: Ghost Hunter


Nicolai Vetrov, or ‘Nico’, had been bullied through most of his years in school. Slight of build, fair-haired with blue-eyes, not to mention, of Russian descent. Nico was very shy. He was also a twenty-three year old virgin.
Twenty-one year old Cai ‘Cam’ Huan kept to himself, worked as a web designer, and considered himself an introvert to the extreme.
Both men were fascinated with the paranormal.
Although Nico had been to one group outing in Dayton, he didn’t like it. The members seemed well-established and it made him feel like an outsider.
When a new group appeared on the web- The O-Hell-O Paranormal Team, Nico gave his hobby another shot. He was online, reading the groups’ chatting, that he met Cam. They lived only a few miles apart so they connected immediately during an investigation.

Two men, identical inside, opposite outside, realize they have more in common than their love of hunting ghosts.
When you want answers to the mysteries of life, and death, sometimes you get caught up in what you truly are looking for; love.
And with the O-Hell-O Paranormal Team, both Nico and Cam find out, there’s something greater than seeking the answers after death; and that’s finding kindred ‘spirits’, who were alive.