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Venetian Blue

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Book: Venetian Blue


Ethan Emerson felt like a cliché. Living in Los Angeles, good looking, and of course, dying to get into acting, Ethan was a part of the filmmaking world, but behind the camera, when he wanted to be in front of one. He thought his luck had changed when one of the top movie moguls in LA, Cliff Beckett, took an interest in him.
As Ethan waited, and waited, for the invitation to audition while he and the big producer carried on a sexual fling, Ethan kept wondering, who was using who?
But, being lighthearted and loving to laugh, Ethan decided to simply enjoy this older man’s attention, and see how it played out.
Then something else happened to handsome Ethan. He met Joss Nash, and…POW! was smitten.
While his head was pulling him towards his career goal, his heart, and sexual attraction, were yanking his chain towards Joss.
What Ethan never realized was the connection between these two completely different men in his life would change him forever.
Venetian Blue…it was how Cliff described Ethan’s eyes.
Power, money, and ambition versus potential love. Through Ethan’s ‘venetian blue’ eyes, he would see a way into his future and maybe dreams did come true.