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I'll Say I'm Sorry Now

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Book: I'll Say I'm Sorry Now


Two brothers, one man.
Though there was a five year difference in their ages, thirty-year-old Joel Vaughn and his younger brother, Tim, couldn’t have been more opposite, except for one thing; they were both gay.
Joel managed to become a multimillionaire creating a technology based company which had hit the stock market and made him and his business partner very rich men.
Tim, on the other hand, was a struggling actor, getting bit parts in commercials, with a lousy talent agent representing him.
Then, one evening while they dined together in West Hollywood, they both laid eyes on a stunning man. The bartender, Kerry Weston. Young Kerry was also a struggling actor, trying to make it big, like Tim.
But as each of the brothers tries to capture the heart, or the body, of this stunning man, they realize the chase is soon an impossible dream.
Neither brother is aware the other is making a play for the handsome man, but soon, Kerry is put to the test, and must choose.
Money and fame? Or common ground?

The one thing Kerry isn’t aware of is that the Vaughn brothers like to play around, while Kerry was a commitment kind of guy.

It’s inevitable someone will pay dearly for the game.
“I’ll say I’m sorry now.”
It’s coming. But from whom? And when?