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Gay For Pay

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Book: Gay For Pay


Ari Bennett didn’t have the luxury of coming from a wealthy family. He never ended up in college, and most of his buddies from school had left Houston, Texas, where he was from. He tried to make it on his own, moving south to Harlingen, since he had heard the cost of living was better there, but after a failed attempt at sharing a small apartment with a caregiver named Lacy, and hating his job at a fast food chain, Ari noticed an ad on a website, offering big cash. What Ari finds is a studio in Austin that specializes in straight men, making love to other straight men.
With the lure of a big payout, Ari wonders if he can do it.

Paul Morgan and his business partner Morris, have finally managed to establish their business after a ten year struggle to begin a new company. When a young man applies online for work, he and Morris didn’t expect much.
At first sight, Paul is slightly unprepared for how beautiful Ari Bennett is, and…he can do the work.
What Paul didn’t expect was that this straight man would steal his heart.
Gay-for-pay…sometimes when you play hard, you win big.