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Love You, Loveday

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Book: Love You, Loveday

Angel Loveday thought he had put his past behind him. A cult film star of the 1980's, Angel lived through some manic times, but now enjoyed a quiet life with his teenage son Oliver. But his peaceful existence was soon turned to chaos when his old videos began showing up at the small bookshop he owned in Redondo Beach. Having hidden his sexuality and his sordid history from his son for almost seventeen years, Angel is crushed when Oliver begins to unravel the secrets of Angel’s past. As the harassment of this ex-soft porn star begins to escalate, Angel finally gets the police involved.

When the report of the incident appears on the desk of Detective Billy Sharpe, Billy can’t believe the heartthrob of his youth is alive and living locally. When Billy meets with Angel to discuss the case, the attraction between them is instant.

Can the detective save Angel from a demented stalker? Or will Angel finally fall prey to a crazed fan? It becomes a race against the clock to stop a cold-blooded fiend.

4 Total Reviews of This Book Angel Loveday has spent years trying to live down the time he spent as an icon for soft sex films in the 80s. Now he has someone who's getting more and more determined to make his life and that of his son Oliver into a living hell. The only bright spot is Detective Billy Sharpe who comes to his rescue as a man and as a cop…
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When Angel Loveday had escaped from the life of a soft pron star years ago he didn't expect his past to catch up with him in the form of a stalker. But when pictures and old videos started turning up at his place of work and at his home, threatening also his 16 year old son whom didn't know what his father had done in his youth he called the police for help.
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Oliver Loveday is your typical teenager growing up today, but his world is about to change. You see, Oliver knows his father, Angel, acted in films when he was younger, but what he doesn't know is the films were soft porn films. His friend Perry seems very interested to the point of obsession when he tells Oliver all about his father's past. At the same time, Angel is at his book store running his business as always with his assistant Summer.
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A former star of 80's soft porn with a huge cult following, Gabriel "Angel" Loveday has tried to shield his son, Oliver, from his past. But now a deranged fan has begun stalking Angel and his past has come back to haunt and torment him. Detective Billy Sharpe chances upon Angel's case and takes it upon himself to investigate further.
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