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Becoming Alex

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Book: Becoming Alex


Alexander Mark Lehman-Richfield. What can you say about a young man who grew up surrounded by lies? His mother, Iris, had a one-night-stand, with a handsome man when she was single and working as a stripper to support her college tuition. His mother, who was now married and a primary school teacher, never even knew the man’s name.
Eighteen years later, after coming out, living his life as a gay high-school student and withstanding bullying at the same time he was satisfying older men, Alex spotted a cologne ad in a glamour magazine.
It was then, he knew.
Mark Antonius Richfield, the Nation’s Top Male Model, was his real father.
From the moment Alex stood at the front door of his birth father’s home, as well as Mark’s husband, former LAPD cop, Steve Miller, Alex’s life changed forever.
From an unknown androgynous nymph, to a superstar in blockbuster films, Alex had done the unimaginable. He had accomplished his goals. And that included, marrying a gorgeous police officer, twenty years his senior, Captain Billy Sharpe.
But there was one flaw in the plan. Trust.
Alex hoped his life would be trouble free from now on.
Becoming Alex…
The present for Alex was already tough, the future? Impossible to predict. But one thing was certain, Alexander Mark Richfield, was destined for superstardom.