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Cry Like an Angel

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Book: Cry Like an Angel


When LA filmmaker Angelo Valentino headed out to a lodge to go fishing and watch porn with a few of his buddies, he never anticipated a rainstorm that not only washed out the road, but nearly cost him his life.
Waking up in a strange bed, Angelo is battered and bruised, not to mention, confused.
Callum Grey left his work at the New York Stock Exchange after the big financial meltdown. His grandparents left him a sizable piece of land with a large ranch house…isolated and peaceful.
Just when Callum thought he had his life under control, he finds an unconscious man in his barn.
After what was one of the worst storms in California’s history, complete with devastating mudslides and casualties, Callum finds himself nursing this man back to heath.
Cut off from the outside world from the sinkholes and landslides, Callum and Angelo have no one to keep company with, but each other.
Two straight men, both from high-powered jobs and ready for a change
What neither man anticipated, was what came next.
In situations which determine life and death, you can either laugh…
Or cry…like an angel.