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Away and Back

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Book: Away and Back


Forty year old Los Angeles attorney, Channing Preston, faced a tragedy parents fear the most, he lost his fourteen year old son, Gerry. Even though the event was seven years ago, the tragedy that destroyed his marriage and nearly destroyed him, still haunts him.
While reading the newspaper Channing sees a photo of a local man who is being selected to a new job with a city office. When he reads the name of this man, his heart stops.
Could his son be alive?
Channing hires the firm’s private investigator immediately to find out.
What Channing discovers is not good news, but events begin to happen between Channing and the individual who has taken his son’s identification.
A father who has lost it all and a mysterious man that appears out of nowhere.
Two men; both victims of tragedy meet in the most bizarre circumstance.
 Away and Back. Was it possible to get back what you thought you had once lost? It’s something Channing is going to find out.