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A Matter of Minutes

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Book: A Matter of Minutes


Eli Maxwell and Floyd Knox worked for the same electronic company in a mall in Paramus, NJ. Eli, the assistant manager of the retail floor, and Floyd, the manager of the shipping department.
Neither man had much interaction with the other, but certainly knew one another. On a snowy January day, Eli and Floyd both have the weekend off. Making contact, mostly out of sheer boredom from being stranded in their apartments when a huge Nor’easter storm hits, they connect on social media for the first time.
As the plows clear the major roads, Floyd makes his way from Hackensack to Paterson in his four-wheel drive truck. The two twenty-something-men seem like polar opposites. Glasses wearing, Eli thinks he’s the consummate geek, graduating with a business degree and getting stuck in lousy job at a mall, while Floyd, the sports enthusiast, sexually frustrated, tough guy, is actually in the same boat; a degree in business and no fulfilling career.
They have a fantastic day off together, as work buddies, but then life gets in the way.
Both men struggle to fine the courage to come out, or ask the other the one question that is driving them crazy. ‘Are you gay?’ Some connections seem easy, like they’re destined to happen.
The relationship between Eli and Floyd isn’t one of them. Caution seems to be their shared approach.
But fate has a strange way of making things right. And sometimes everything changes— In a Matter of Minutes…