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Fall of Rome

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Book: Fall of Rome


Noel Rome thought he had a cushy number, working at a casino as a security guard. The pay was great, the perks exceptional, and at thirty-five he was content. His boss, a multimillionaire big shot had done well. Noel had no complaints, until he was assigned to train a new recruit, Wyatt Vance.
At twenty-four, Wyatt had been dragged from his family home to become collateral for his alcoholic, gambling addicted father. Wyatt’s dad had managed to owe the casino over a hundred grand. Blue-eyed blond Wyatt was being held against his will and knew if he didn’t obey the boss-man, he was going to risk himself or his family being harmed. In his new role as the casino boss’ property and ‘toy’, Wyatt thought all was lost. Then he was assigned to a tall, dark, handsome older man, Noel Rome.
Noel assumed he was going to train Wyatt for a security detail. But as Noel and the young man become acquainted, Noel soon learns the boss may be not only corrupt, but a sadistic murderer.
Spun into a web of deceit and violence, Noel’s past training with the military’s Special Forces stops him from falling prey to the henchmen in the casino boss’ mercenary army.
Keeping this young man safe and his job intact become opposing obstacles. And Noel Rome has a risky choice to make.
Wyatt’s idol worship for his powerful former GI brings an added complication to the dynamics.
The fall of Rome.
Noel has no idea if he was being setup by Wyatt who will be his doom, or if he was given the job as Wyatt’s guardian angel.
Rome may fall, but it also may rise from the ashes.