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Lover Boy

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Book: Lover Boy


When two worlds collide in the middle of Manhattan’s Diamond District, the lives of two men are changed forever.
Daxon John York, a former military man who worked for the NYPD until he was forced to leave the department for excessive use of force, ended up a security guard for a jewelry store. Divorced with one daughter, the alimony payments, child support and stress of carrying a mortgage plus rent was weighing Daxon down. When an armed man holds the employees at gunpoint, Daxon does his best to prevent the robbery, and fails.
Corey Ellis had tried to walk the straight and narrow, but nothing seemed to work out for him. Desperate to get out of New York, Corey plans to rob a small jewelry store. What he didn’t expect was to connect with the security guard with whom he exchanged gunfire.
‘Lover boy’ a nickname Corey was given since high-school for his good looks and sensual prowess, comes face to face with a former GI/NYPD cop. Two alpha males battling for power with the same goal; Happiness.
Two men; both at the lowest point in their lives crash together in a horrific encounter which connects them from that moment on.