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Mark Antonious deMontford

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Book: Mark Antonious deMontford

This Tom Jones-esque graphic sexual romp begins in the early 18th century in the town of Newbury, England. Handsome, androgynous Mark Antonious deMontford was a being raised by farmers, his Aunt Katie and Uncle David. Though Mark wondered the real identity of his parents, he never received the answers to his questions. The year he turned nineteen, his Uncle David took him for a visit into London to meet his distant cousins, the rich and eccentric Holloway family. Mark is astonished by their wealth and sexual appetites. When he learns he is the son of a Venetian patriarch and an English opera singer, Mark goes on a quest to Italy to find his real father. Bringing with him an Italian prostitute, Francesco Cavella, to act as interpreter, Mark falls madly in love with the dark Italian man and begins on a journey of a lifetime.

1 Total Reviews of This Book Mark Antonious is a bit of a Tom Jones character. Setting in England in 1713, it's the story of the wondrous adventures of Mark, an orphan who was raised by his uncle in a farm, never knowing who were his real parents. When he is 19 years old his uncle decides to take innocent Mark to London, to visit a dear cousin. The woman is an beautiful middle ages woman with a son of the same age of Mark and a husband always away to his duty toward the Parliament. When Mark enters the big London mansion, his fate is signed: that very night he is deflowered three time, first the mother, than the son and finally the father. Our poor guy has his life twisted, but at first he is almost willing to become the toy of the lustful family. But when he discovers that he is the bastard son of a Venetian patrician and an English opera singer, he suddenly feels necessary to go and find his root. He "whores" himself during a country party to some different English aristocrats (two dukes, a lady and a baron) and raises enough money to reach Italy; during the way he employs an Italian prostitute as interpret, bodyguard and lover.
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