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Whether or Not

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Book: Whether or Not


Do you believe in soul mates?
The notion that there is one person out there who will fulfill and complete you can either be a fantasy, or a recipe for disaster.
When a nineteen-year-old Channing Wilson met twenty-one-year-old Garth Sawyer, they were still college students; one at UCLA the other Cal-State. The meeting was a hookup, a simple act of sex.
But when they met again, seven years later, and still had that spark, why didn’t the magical soul mate passion kick in?
Perhaps, three times is the charm…because on a chance encounter, Channing and Garth came face to face, eleven years after their first kiss.
Whether or not you believe in soul mates, something special was about to happen.
Maybe sometimes the timing of life isn’t right…or maybe, it’s right on time. But life isn’t always that simple, and as their love affair begins to gain ground, information about the two men is brought into the light. And that information, may be the destruction of everything they feel for each other.
‘Whether or not’…you are ready for love, sometimes, love is ready for you.