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From A to Zeke

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Book: From A to Zeke


Zeke Baxter was a senior partner with a law firm in downtown LA. Having battled with demons as a child, Zeke kept to himself, did his work with his conservative law partner, and led a quiet life…except…After work, Zeke would pay a nightly visit to a dark, desolate corner in the depths of Los Angeles’ worst area, to pick up a male prostitute, Ashley.
As Ashley and Zeke’s lives become intertwined, and the two begin to relate on an emotional level, Zeke realizes Ashley and he have a lot in common. So much so, Zeke sees Ashley as a younger version of himself.
Living on the street, Ashley Deon struggles to stay safe in a high risk profession in an area of LA known for its crime and homeless people.
As the two become closer, and secrets are revealed, Zeke begins to let down his guard, and allows Ashley in emotionally.
Maybe there are no happy endings between a closeted lawyer and a male prostitute, but…
It may be as easy as going from point A to point B, or in their case, A to Z….