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Book: Lost


For nine months Gunner Crosby had played nursemaid to his partner Louis, who was dying of cancer. Although he and Louis had only been dating a short while when Louis was diagnosed with testicular cancer, what was Gunner going to do? Leave him? Gunner didn’t have the heart. So he played it out…to the bitter end.
At one of Louis’ doctor’s appointments, Gunner met a man. A man who had the body of a Greek god, golden hair, and the bluest eyes Gunner had ever seen.
Lief Constantine was a personal trainer, and his life was fitness. He ran marathons, was an ironman athlete, and trained the Hollywood elite when they needed to bulk up or trim down. Lief was gaining popularity in the fitness business in LA because he did not use steroids, and got fast results with his grueling regiment of working out and a strict diet.
Lief knew after the next event, the triathlon, if he placed in the top ten, endorsements would follow, and Lief could begin selling his own line of workout clothing and healthy food supplements.
That was, until the doctor found a lump on Lief’s testicle during a routine physical exam.
When Gunner met Lief he never imagined falling for a guy who may end up just as sick as Louis had been. But Gunner wasn’t the type of individual to cut and run, so when Lief gets some depressing news about his health, Gunner is at a loss.
And if Gunner thinks he’s lost, Lief is in permanent denial.
Each man acting out the part of feeling normal in what may be a tragic play.
It’s that sinking sensation you get when all hope is sucked out of you.
But with that loss sometimes comes inner strength. And with the right love and support, even what seems like the impossible outcome can be overcome.
Sometimes you have to lose a little of yourself, to bring another into the light.