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My Super Boyfriend

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Book: My Super Boyfriend


This wasn’t the first time Russ Jones had tried to kill himself. Depression ran in his family. For the second time, Russ was sent to a ‘behavioral center’ to get control over his self-destructive urges.
While stuck inside the facility, Russ gets a new roommate, a man who comes into the center literally kicking and screaming; rage exploding from him like the expletives pouring out of his mouth.
 Russ doesn’t know what to make of this guy, but soon finds out.
Joe Thompson is a struggling actor and bartender, who has a serious problem with booze. When he’s drunk, Joe gets enraged and violent, which lands him in the same place as Russ.
As the two men settle down, in side by side twin beds and a strict regime of group counseling and medication, Russ begins to idolize this fallen hero.
Joe Thompson is not only beautiful on the outside, but after the thirty-year-old man sobers up, and the two begin to exchange stories, Russ imagines Joe is a superhero, a true powerhouse who simply has trouble when it comes to his ambition. And being a superstar is as far a reach for Joe as being a genuine superhero.
Two men with difficult problems meet in a sanctuary which is more like a prison than a resort, but…
Something sparks between them. Hope.
Sometimes in the darkest hour a hero appears.
And to Russ, that hero is Joe. And all superheroes need a good sidekick. With two lives in the balance, can the men make it work?
My Super Boyfriend. Sometimes the power of love is all we need to make life worth living.
(for posters of the original artwork of the cover design by the fabulous illustrator Arlen Schumer, please contact me)