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Coming Home

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Book: Coming Home


Book 15, Saying Goodbye- Trust was shattered, lives were at risk, and the world had turned upside down for the men of the Action! Series.
Coming homeā€¦rebuilding relationships that had been severed to the point of fury, Mark Antonious Richfield finds moving on, trying to keep his sanity after his last suicide attempt, and his husband and his own, infidelity, a difficult task.

As Mark begins a journey of self-discovery, he again become entangled in the mess his husband, Steve Miller, and his son-in-law, Captain Billy Sharpe, have created. By intervening in Mark’s son, Alexander’s, acting career, Billy, Alex’s husband, and Steve, created hostilities that begin to rear their ugly head even after Alex’s film is premiered.

Mark is forced to face more deep-rooted fears, and bears the brunt of the cleanup effort of the mess the two men had made.

Coming home. A sweet sentiment that makes one’s heart warm. For Mark and his boys, it’s a long journey to make.