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Bed and Breakfast

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Book: Bed and Breakfast


Former major league pitcher, Ronnie ‘Ron’ King’s stellar career ended with an injury to his shoulder. Just turned forty, Ron was the owner of an LGBT friendly B&B in Cannon Beach, Oregon called All The King’s Men. He and his, now deceased partner of ten years, Dmitri, had built up a booming business with their attention to detail, locally grown and homemade food, and Ron’s talent for pleasing his guests with his charm, good looks and great service.
Though running the inn without Dmitri was a lot of work, Ron was glad to keep busy and enjoyed keeping his and Dmitri’s legacy alive.
After the madness of the summer season let up, and bookings slowed down, Ron was happy to have any guests at all as the winter holidays loomed and business grew scarce.
The Jamison family from South Carolina arrived at the B&B, including their son, a sexy young pretty boy named Ricky. Ricky becomes completely enamored with the gorgeous B&B owner and stalks him like a sex-crazed wolf.
Having stayed busy, and celibate, since Dmitri’s death a year ago, Ron is unprepared for not only the aggressiveness of Ricky’s desire, but his own inability to say no to the young stud.
Learning Ricky is not ‘out’ to his family, Ron regrets the two of them sharing a mutual attraction, which turns into wildly hot secret sex.
Acting as if he has found his new calling Ricky begins to form a plan to stay in the B&B even after the family holiday is over. He only has one problem; abandoning his theocracy driven pastor father and ignorant mother.
Bed and Breakfast
Was this a brief respite from Ricky’s toxic relatives or a chance to gain his independence and freedom? And winning the heart of a man like Ronnie King, Ricky is prepared to pull out all the stops.