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4 Men and a Funeral

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Book: 4 Men and a Funeral


When a young man dies in an accident, the gathering of friends and family mourning his loss is a painful task. And this pain was no less for the men who met up at the chapel to say goodbye to Sonny ‘Spike’ Ellis.
As the four men congregate near the coffin they begin to share their experiences with Spike with each other. A closer friendship forms- but- for two of the men the funeral is simply too unbearable to endure.
One of the men, Grayson, suggests they head out for a drink, leaving the chapel, avoiding the graveside service, and commiserate together.
He gets no argument from the other three.
During an afternoon of conversation, and a ton of alcohol, the men who had all known each other by sight or through sexual hookups at clubs, begin to bond, share their contact with Spike, and…have sex. Wild, uninhibited sex.
Perhaps the grief had made each man realize their mortality, or maybe a new credo of ‘Live for Today’. Whatever had happened that day at the funeral, four men became committed to one another as a brotherhood…and love bloomed from the ashes.
4 Men and a Funeral.
Perhaps even in the darkest hour…life moves on.

Warning! This novel contains erotic sexual situations in the form of men loving men. If you find this objectionable, I suggest you do not purchase this novel.