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Power Play

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Book: Power Play


David Asher is next in line for a wonderful job. The President of the United States. His hat tossed into the ring, the announcement made, David hopes with the new America- the open-minded accepting American public, was a promising hope of being the first out gay man president and David seems to be the front runner in the polls.
He has nothing to hide, a history of service in the military, a degree in law from Harvard and has served in nearly every branch of the government.
At a fundraiser he meets a man. A model. A French model.
Deon Gael, is not just a pretty face. He is brilliant, and charismatic and the two men arrange for a simple dinner after the fundraiser. Nothing to worry about- both men are out, have wonderful backgrounds and there is nothing haunting the idea of a companionship blooming…
Someone is out to get David Asher. And David is confounded as to who it could be. All his life, he has been accepted, honored and not felt the sting of homophobia. On the contrary, he championed the Supreme Court to finally make same sex rights equal in all fifty states.
Soon malicious tweets which his staff is trying to downplay, become viral.
David tries not to be concerned until a man suddenly begins to stalk Deon.
Deon is no wilting flower, and can take care of himself, but his first loyalty is to David; to not risk anything that will jeopardize David’s chance at becoming the most powerful man on earth.
Though everyone on David’s campaign staff is telling David to stay away from Deon, to not become the fallout of some sleazy affair with a fashion model, David is compelled towards Deon, knowing Deon is not what he appears. Deon is a powerful man of intellect and style. A man whom David cannot seem to resist.

But in Washington, power means everything.
And the identity of the stalker, the man out to ruin David’s life and career, shocks him to the core.
Power at play.
It’s what separates the men from the boys.