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What Happens in Vegas

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Book: What Happens in Vegas


Thirty-four year old Greg McCormick thought taking his on again, off again, twenty-five year old girlfriend Carmen to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun, might rekindle a spark between them. But Greg quickly sees their differences in what their idea of ‘fun’ in Vegas is and it creates more of a separation than a reunion.
Liam D’ Cosa, a construction worker from the San Diego area, takes a girl he’s known for only two weeks, Jenny, on a three-day Vegas holiday. When the two couples meet on the first night, Greg and Liam are left on their own as their girlfriends quickly find common ground and become ‘BFF’s.
The two men find, they also, share the interests in the crazy action of The Strip and its many macho tourist attractions.
Greg, whose brother Skylar is gay, is open to all types of relationships, just not one that means a commitment.
Liam is slightly enthralled with Greg’s aura of power, not to mention they live close to each other in San Diego, and Greg owns his own construction company. In a volatile economy, it doesn’t hurt to have connections.
As the women go gallivanting on their own, leaving the two men together; Greg and Liam get to know one another on a deeper level.
One evening when the women are out late, Greg and Liam experiment…together.
But it’s one thing to have a fling in Vegas, where ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’…and a different story when Liam and Greg head home.
Since Greg seemed distant and avoided the text messages Liam sent, Liam ends up meeting Mike, a gay man who has admired him from afar through a mutual gay friend.
It’s then the dynamics of the three men comes to a head, and Liam, stuck in the middle, has to decide if what happened in Vegas was real, or just a onetime fantasy with a man as amazing as Greg.