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Saying Goodbye

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Book: Saying Goodbye


When trust is shattered and bonds are broken, sometimes forgiveness simply isn't enough.

The men of the Action! Series have always been sexually driven- powerful and loyal. But that loyalty has been put to the ultimate test.
With twenty-four year old Alexander Richfield away in Rome starring in his first feature film, Bedtime Stories, his husband, forty-four year old, LAPD Captain Billy Sharpe’s frustration and anger over rumors in the tabloid press about Alex’s supposed exploits, bring Billy to a breaking point.
Adam Lewis, agent to the stars, and husband of Jack Larsen, feels obligated to invite a group of their close friends to the mansion in Paradise, California. The estate his and Jack’s lover, Mark Antonious Richfield grew up in, which was recently bought by Adam’s client and friend, Ewan Gallagher. Knowing the estate creates stress for Mark, Adam tries his best to pretend this is a weekend with the boys, and it’s all in good fun.
Steven Jay Miller, Mark’s husband, is still raw over Mark’s actions to keep his son Alexander’s role in the feature film secure. Mark had to grant sexual favors to Alex’s co-star, Randy Dawson to right a wrong Steve and Billy had stupidly made, threatening Randy to keep away from Alex. An act Steve cannot move on from.
And as the men around him suffer from his actions, Mark Antonious Richfield begins to deteriorate and self-destruct.
Trust shatters…love is tested…and even the strongest ties can be severed.

Saying Goodbye, may be the hardest role any of the Action! men have had to play in their lives.