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Hardcore Houston

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Book: Hardcore Houston


Dale Evan Howard felt stuck. Living with his family, sharing a room with his grandfather, Dale yearned to leave the small town on the outskirts of Spokane and make something of himself. But what?
No funds for college, nothing but working minimum wage salary at the local fast food eateries, Dale began to feel a fire under his feet. One that craved more.
There was one thing Dale was good at. And his buddy who owned a local tavern knew exactly what that talent was. Going under the pseudonym Dean Houston, Dale works for the owner of the tavern, but not pulling pints.
Within days of promoting Dale’s good looks, muscular build and amazing talent, ‘Dean Houston’ was born.
 As cash began to fill Dale’s pockets and a sense of leaving the stale environment he was trapped in overwhelmed him, Dale applied online for a job in Dallas working for the adult film industry.
Now called Dean Houston, exclusively, Dale had no idea when he spent all of his savings for that flight to Texas, he would not only find his niche in life, but one man who was not out to exploit him.
One man.
Damian ‘Dante’ Frieze took a chance on Dean, hoping to help this aspiring young man fulfill his dreams of wealth and fame. But what Damian didn’t predict was the opportunity to get to know Dean Houston, and to know the man that was beneath the pretty package of Dean’s good looks and build.
Although Dean’s trust had been shattered, allowing someone he did not know to get to know him was terrifying. But Dean had one thing he could count on. Damian.
There was nothing hardcore about the love between Damian and Dean. But everything about life was indeed hard. And nothing was more challenging than letting go of your fear and accepting love.