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The Reunion

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Book: The Reunion


Jon Ross didn’t think the vacation he had booked with a good friend was going to be anything more than time off, relaxing, and exploring Europe. But when he realizes a boy he had a crush on from high school is on the same luxury cruise ship as he is, Jon gets an unexpected surprise.
Trae Ambrose figured he’d join a couple of his friends to have a pleasant holiday. Life at home was not good at the moment, and getting away to give himself time to think was too tempting to pass up.
What he didn’t expect was seeing the boy he had kissed behind the high school twenty years ago. And after twenty years, Trae had no idea the teenager he had feelings for, yet could not act on those impulses at the time, would become such a strikingly beautiful man.
As the two meet up onboard, Jon’s recollection of the crush he had on Trae and the pain after Trae did not return his affection, makes this thirty-five year old feel as if he is back in high school once more. And to add to the complication of their mutual attraction? Trae is married.
As liquor flows, and the memories of their first kiss begins to haunt the two men, their fate seems sealed. And while cruising the high seas, a reunion occurs. The consequences of their actions will change their lives forever.