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Among Wolves

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Book: Among Wolves


Book 1- Of Wolves and Men
Book 2- The Order of Wolves
Book 3- Among Wolves

In Book 3 of the series we find Cowboy Charlie Mosby and his ranch hand Butch Crowell, working their modest horse farm in Washoe County Nevada. Charlie’s lover, Roman Burk is an ATF agent in Reno. After two years since the strange incidences at Charlie’s former boss’ Vernon Norman’s ranch, things had settled down. The three men got along well and were making a decent living.
But nearly two years to the day, just as the three men are planning on spending Christmas with the Norman family at their ranch in Heber Utah, Roman begins to ‘relapse’.
He keeps the information from Charlie, but one night on his drive home from work, Roman sees what he thinks is a dog crossing his path on in front of his headlights. But Roman knows. It’s no dog.
By the time Roman manages to pull into his driveway, in the deep dark December night, the unthinkable has happened…again.
Charlie and Butch approach Roman’s pickup truck only to see a big black wolf trapped inside, biting at the glass.
And so, what they thought they had rid two years ago, a ‘curse’ from a red witch named Ophelia, has resurfaced.
But, the more they are learning about the ‘curse’ the more dangerous the situation becomes.
A warrior appears to Roman, first in the shape of a man with a sword, then as an enormous white wolf.
The threat between the two dominant men becomes a deadly game of power, and the only way for the war to be settled is among wolves.