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Lie With Me - FREE BOOK

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Book: Lie With Me - FREE BOOK


Sequel to The Vampire and The Man-Eater

Brock Hart fell in love with a vampire.
There was nothing strange about that, was there? But when four-hundred and fifty-three year old Daniel Wolf had changed into a human, now that was strange!
Brock and Daniel were convinced that the combination of a man loving a vampire, a vampire who had never in four centuries felt love, had brought about a miraculous change in Daniel.
But…that change was short-lived and within months, Daniel is once again, a ‘bloodsucker’. On the week of Halloween during a chaotic masquerade party, Brock’s friend Adrian Tripp invites his California friends to join them.
To Daniel and Brock’s horror, Lionel Valley, the big Dom from LA, is…not human.
Enjoy the thrill and adventure of a Halloween tale that will keep you up at night, in more than one way!