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Staying Power

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Book: Staying Power


In Book 14 of the Action! Series, ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller thinks going to his husband’s therapy appointments is a good idea. But he soon finds out Mark Antonious Richfield, may not be telling his shrink everything the doctor needs to know.
Meanwhile, Mark’s son, Alexander, is offered the chance of a lifetime when a big named Hollywood director approaches him for a starring in a block buster film, ‘Bedtime Stories’.
While Alex and Adam Lewis, Alex’s agent and one of Mark’s dearest friends, tries to iron out a solid contract for Alex, Alex’s husband, Lt Billy Sharpe makes the Captain’s list for the LAPD. So big changes are on the way for the newlyweds. But when Mark mentions he is nervous about Alexander leaving for Rome for filming, alone, Steve and Billy both take it upon themselves to confront Alex’s leading man and co-star, nearly derailing Alex’s chances for his break in Hollywood.
Conflict, jealousy, self-sacrifice and ego, in Book 14 of the Action! Series, the men’s emotions are put to the test, and in the end, it’s all about Staying Power- and the power of love.