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Bedtime Storeis

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Book: Bedtime Storeis


Code named ‘Titus’ using the alias ‘Cody York’, Cody soon realized, there was no way to avoid being tracked.
After years in the military’s most elite team, Cody had been selected for top security clearance and covert operations. What Cody had thought was a job of keeping the country he loved safe, had changed into corruption and money laundering both from his own men and the enemy. And he was caught in the middle.
Arriving in Rome under an alias, one of many he had used over the years, Cody needed time to figure out who was an ally and who was not.

Twenty year old singer and guitar player, Beau Cruz, grew up in Frascati, Italy and left home to enjoy Rome’s chaos of crowds and nightlife. He met two fellow street performers, Roberto and Eden, and the three created a trio to sing in the piazza for money during the day, and occasionally bed tourists for cash at night.

When the Cody and Beau meet and share a night of passion, Cody never imagined Beau would become a pawn in the attempt to retrieve high-level intelligence Cody has in his possession.

As an old score needs to be settled between Cody and a man who betrays both his government and Cody, Beau and his friends are caught in the middle.

In the terror of the night, when Cody is trying to offer comfort, Beau and Cody whisper secrets to each other; Bedtime Stories. In an effort to get to know each other, the two men find they have formed a deep connection, and suddenly Beau’s life is in peril because of that bond.

Bedtime Stories is a tale about trust, faith, and love, and the whispers of secrets you share only with your lover, in bed.