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Mile High

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Book: Mile High


Mild-mannered accountant Owen Braydon never thought his life would be anything more than working all week, and visiting his ten-year-old daughter, Leah, who lived with her mother in Denver, on the weekends; until one flight from LA to Denver, Owen met luscious, Texas-born, Taylor Madison. A project manager on a construction project in LA, Taylor had to shuttle back and forth between the two cities every week. After Taylor laid eyes on the handsome man from LA, he moved in on Owen quickly, hoping to become an exclusive member of the Mile High Club. And bi-curious Owen thought life was too short to pass up a chance to play with someone as appealing as Taylor Madison.

After meeting up again in the airport and sitting together on the plane, Owen and Taylor soon realized their interest in each other was becoming more that just a fling onboard. Soon the two men discovered they needed more than sex from each other once a week. As the construction project in another state loomed, and Taylor had to make a decision, he found Owen in the same dilemma. Could they make their relationship work? Or will they simply just have fond memories of being a member of that exclusive club? Find out how flying united, suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

4 Total Reviews of This Book Divorced accountant Owen Braydon lives in LA during the week and flies every weekend to Denver to be with his ten-year-old daughter. He usually spends the two-hour flight working in the confined space, but one look at Taylor Madison, and his mind went into the gutter.
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Owen Braydon has a very busy and staid life. He works all week and every weekend he travels to spend time with his daughter in another state. He never has time for fun or romance, but this may change very soon. While waiting for his plane, Owen sees the most handsome man in the world, but like the rest of his life, all Owen can do is spin fantasies about his mystery man. Nothing ever works out for him. Owen gets the surprise of his life when his fantasy man not only boards his plane, but approaches him to see if he can sit next to him. Taylor Madison introduces himself and they soon realize that the attraction between them is mutual and very combustible
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This was actually a pretty sweet, as well as incredibly hot love story. I have to say that I wasn’t at all surprised that it was so well-written; the heat, the sweetness, the truly lovely love story are all things we expect from G.A. Hauser and something she excels at. I know, I always have high hopes for her books, but she deserves those high hopes and she never lets me down. It just goes to show you that she has earned a following. Well, at least in me
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Owen Braydon commutes from LA to Denver every weekend to see his ten year old daughter Leah. He's got a definite inferiority complex from being such a shy geek as a teenager. Taylor Madison is a self confident construction site manager based in Denver. He travels the country to insure his dad's sites are trouble free. The two of them hook up on a flight and seem determined to build a relationship.
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